Picture password in Windows

Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft have added a feature of setting picture password. It can replaces conventional typing mechanism by clicks or swipes to authenticate. (By touch enabled device or mouse)

Any picture can be used for your workstation login in simple steps.

1. In search box type for picture & will provide option to open – setup picture password option.

2. Click on add to add picture you like to use.

4.After adding your picture , provide credential of any user with administrator rights for security purpose.

5.Now make three click or swipe or swipe&click actions over the picture. Make sure to remember these actions.



8. We can able to verify our swipe/ click gestures again (& modified at any time if required)

9.Now your computer is ready to protect using your favourite picture 🙂


AM@RNATH is a Technology specialist primarily focus on Microsoft Technologies & Cloud Security. His certification includes M365 Certified: Enterprise Admin Expert. He loves to explore things from the latest technologies to cooking new recipes. Basically from Chennai, the southern part of India. Lucky son, friendly husband, and a proud father who loves to spend time with his family & friends while the laptop is not in his table.

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