Install ADC in server 2019: In our earlier post, we discussed about installing a new domain controller in server 2019. Let’s add an additional server 2019 domain controller in the existing test domain.

Click here to download windows server evaluation version ISO\VHD.

Server 2019 is also available now in Azure Marketplace, VLSC and Visual studio subscriptions to download.

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  1. Add new server to existing domain: Set the static IP & DNS to new server and add the server to existing domain. Server 2019 domain join
  2. Add ADDS role and features: Install ADDS role and RSAT features from Server manager -> Dashboard->Add roles and features‘ . Click ‘Next’ to proceed.install rsat dsa.msc in server 2019install rsat dsa.msc in server 2019install rsat dsa.msc in server 2019install rsat dsa.msc in server 2019
  3. Select ‘Active Directory Domain services’ Role. The wizard will automatically picks it dependent features and  click ‘Add features’ in the Pop-up wizard. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.Make sure the following Features are marked for installation and click Next.install ad in server 2019create new domain in server2019install dc in server 2019install ad in server 2019Installation progress may take few minutes and completion of the progress can be verified on the Dashboard of Server Manger.
  4. Post-Deployment configuration: Once the role and features installation is completed, next step is to promote the server as Domain controller. Click on ‘Promote this Server to Domain controller’ available under Server manager -> Dashboard -> Notification and it will open ADDS configuration wizard for configuration.
  5. Active Directory Domain Service Configuration Wizard: As we are creating new domain controller for our new domain, select ‘Add a domain controller to an existing domain’ and provide a domain name.Install ADC in 2019
  6. Select the capability of the new ADC server. (Click on Read only domain controller-RODC if we planning to make to new server as RODC)
  7. Select a server from drop down list to replicate the existing forest information. It is recommended to use nearest server in the networ or server with less load  for replication. (Only applicable if multiple DC’s are available and replication here means ‘replication during promotion of server)
  8. Another way to replicate the forest information is using ‘Install from Media(IFM)’ option.Install ADC in 2019
  9. Review the provided information and click ‘Next’ to install. ADDS wizard will do ‘Prerequisites Check’ and proceed to installation.Install ADC in 2019
  10. Click ‘Install’ once the Pre-requisites check is completed.Install ADC in 2019Install ADC in 2019 Install ADC in 2019
  11. On successful installation, the server will automatically reboots and the server becomes an additional domain controller.Install and configure Active directory in Server 2019


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  1. Hi Amar,
    Thanks for the post.
    My current DC is 2012 and want to add 2019 as ADC
    Its not allowing me to do, as my primary dc still using FRS
    Kindly help me to migraate FRS to DFRS


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